Please do not edit this page. I am working on adding some needed info! Please add info about the mythical Clay Boar, a hard to kill boss monster that roams Litus beaches. If you decide to fight the boar, never fight it alone unless you have a water/air element attached to the weapon that you are using to fight.

A way to kill the beast is to fight the Crabs that roam the island, to get a water element. The water element does more damage to the clay boar than no element.

The boar tends to follow players into the ocean that borders all around the island. When being chased, try to go far out in the ocean, as the boar sinks to the bottom. When it is stuck, stay near the surface of the ocean around the boar and you can kill it without damage.

Different classes can have an advantage when fighting the boar. Be careful when using a Gladiator, as you can risk death trying to use melee attacks. A suggestion to help gladiators would be to have the guard skill seeing as how it reduces damage intake allowing you to take more hits. You will obviously need more than simply the guard skill though, perhaps a large amount of white potions will be needed or if you have a cleric available they can help as well. One thing about being in water is you don't dash when using a melee attack so you'll have to swim up to the boar manually, just remember that you don't have to stay next to the boar at all times, you can swim up if you begin to get low on health. Once you replenish you can head back down and continue with your attacks.

Clerics can either swim down to hit the boar or use their ranged attack from above. Since clerics do the least amount of damage if they're not building strength a suggestion would be to have water element on your weapon. Due to the boar being a fire element creature it will have more damage done to it with your weapon.

When using a Mage, try not to use any fire skill, as fire heals the boar. Any attack that has to do with water should be used against the boar, as it will cause major damage.

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