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Welcome to the Seven Swords wiki. I created this wiki for the simple reason that I couldn't find really ANYthing about the game apart from a few scattered forum posts and the Facebook page. Because I am not willing to find all the information I would like on my own, and because I like sharing, I would hope this becomes a collaboration of all knowledge of the game, to help those who have difficulties understanding the entirety of the game through only their own observations.

Have any comments, suggestions, or ideas for a new topic on this wiki? Feel free to inbox me on my Facebook at:

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Seven Swords is a Free to Play MMORPG available for the iPhone. It is supported by microtransactions available in-game through the Seven Swords shop. The main focus of the game is the large scale battles fought for control over each territory. These battles can involve up to 120 players among the three factions.

For more information visit The Game page.

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