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In this world, there are four elements: wind, earth, fire and water. Each of these elements can be found by defeating various monsters in the world that embody each of these four elements. Elements can be infused into weapons and specific armour, occupying one skill slot. It is very important that you are completely sure that you want the element infused in your weapon or armour, because once it is infused, it cannot be removed. Depending on what element you select, you will be at an advantage against some enemies, but will be at a disadvantage against others.

Element of Fire: This is the most popular element, used by a wide array of players for its brutal attack power. The fire element is a rare drop from Flame Slimes, sometimes even taking days of searching to find. However, with hard work and persistance, you will eventually find it, and the power of fire will be yours!

Advantages: Weapons infused with the power of fire are great against monsters of the earth element. Monsters associated with the earth element are Minotaurs and Minotaur Heroes. These monsters offer a great deal of experience on death, as well as a wide array of items on death, making the fire element very popular for the sole purpose of using against these enemies. The fire element is not also strong against monsters associated with the earth element, but also players who have infused their armour with the element of the earth.

Disadvatages: Fire is ineffective against monsters alligned with the element of water. This includes Crabs and the infamous Clay Boar. Weapons infused with the element of fire are completely ineffective against the Goblin Lord; instead of dealing damage to it, they actually heal it. Mages who use fire-based spells such as Meteorite and Fireball also heal the Goblin Lord on impact.